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Corporate Culture
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Corporate Culture

Goal of CDJL
Willing to innovation, Pursuing for the ultimate
Begin well and end well, Showing the quality

Value of CDJL
Safety: standardization is the foundation to gain a foothold
Advanced: brand is the basis of market
Convenient: service makes benefit
Experience: have common value with customers

Corporate Philosophy
Leading technology, cultural heritage, vigorous economic growth are the mega trend in China for the rise and development of regional industry. Jinlong feel the tide of new economy climb boil dozen and take the opportunity of market.
Chengde is a remarkable place that has produced many outstanding people, and the industry cluster of conveyor manufacture not only drive the area economic, but also foster talent. All the above factors are fit for equipment manufacture. What s more the regional planning will continue to provide more advantages for conveyor industry (by the end of 2015 Chengde New Airport will be put into operation, and at the beginning of 2018 HSR Chengde east station will be run Beijing and Shenyang).
Chengde Jinlong Conveyor Machinery Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as CDJL) is a company specialized in conveyor manufacturing, which can provide automatic conveying equipment, turn-key project and perfect after-sale service for manufacture industry. The development track of CDJL is based on the local market and explored new market, then cooperated and developed with international market, which made the products progressive from low-end to high-end. This is the formation of our perfect structure and layout.
CDJL persistently adapts to diversified industries and multiple customer demands, keeps passion and interest. To find way of sustainable growth and exceed itself. CDJL tries to develop with standard replication and promotion, and firm the market recognition.

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