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Quality and Service >Quality and Service Print page


Project Service
Your demands are the power resources of our continuous innovating and adapting to different environment.
We change the business mode by tracing and completing the project.
During the service we observe and collect information to provide new product and service.

Service Philosophy
We stand firmly behind every product we make because Your success means everything to us.
Provide perfect after-sale service is our indispensable duty.

Service Commitment
We have offices in Shanghai and Dalian, which can provide convenient and efficient service.
Providing lifelong technical service for everything we produced.
Visiting the customers periodically
24-hour hot line service
We will also support guiding and training for turn-key project
24-hour service will come to you immediately, once receive the call
Free service during the warranty period

Quality Assurance
Our demands of quality system and values assured that we can provide the best products.
Our strict standard to the material, make sure the products have perfect performance and durability.
Our quality control system will inspect, control and make overall plan for the project, which go through every aspect of the products and services.
We are fully understood the dialectical relation between brand competitive improvement and project quality.
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