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P&F Roller Conveyor, P&F Chain Roller Conveyor

This conveyor can be used in various industries with durability. It is widely used in sub-assembly and storage line, storage and circulation industry, aluminum metallurgy industry. Different in functions, transport materials, label products and inspect product.

Module design, easy maintenance and commissioning, wide roller of the P&F conveyor assure the unit load vehicles have capacities ranging from 200 to 2500kg, running speed: 10-30m/s.

Floor Towline Conveyor

Transport products by the trolley running on the floor, reduce product damage.

Floor towline conveyor is durable and lifelong service. Standard load capacity: 300-2000kg, maximum load capacity is up to 5000kg.

It mainly used in transporting large products.

Bulk Handling System

This system serves industries and solid waste handling. The cost-effective system can be operated under most extreme environmental conditions, it is designed and engineered to give maximum throughput with minimum waste, and degradation of raw materials regardless of volume or distance requirement.

Material handling system including belt conveyor, screw conveyor, bulk lift machine, electrical control and manage technology.

(Specification see brochure download)

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