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P&F Conveyor

Drive options: chain drive, friction drive; installation: overhead, floor available.

Various load capacity P&F conveyors adapt to different industries. The conveyor system can be designed to stop in any position your process may require without interrupting the whole process. Function: chain drive, friction drive, in-line accumulation, products lift, those functions can optimize the productivity.

With optional recognition computer control system, the conveyor can increase or decrease intensity automatically to adapt to the product and to improve efficiency.

Different tracks for different conveyor, with high strength and stronger bearing capacity.

Features of our products are modular design, easy maintenance and adjustable structure which can maximize the use of your valuable floor space.

Skid Conveyor

Load capacity: universal, light-duty, heavy-duty; installation: overhead skid conveyor, floor skid conveyor available.

Features of our products are modular design, easy maintenance. Standard components functions options to meet your requirement. Dual track design provide stable load handling, allow for in-line accumulation, and offers modular design construction.

Two drive options: traditional chain drive and new belt drive.

Roller bed: universal design with storage, lift and cross transfer function.

Lifting devices: vertical lifts are raised and lowered by means of two extra-wide vulcanized steel cord rubber belts for high-capacity performance.

Roller tables: automatic or manual-operated turn tables can be designed to stop in any position your process may require. To enhance stability and smooth operation of our turn tables, we have included a large slewing ring bearing into the rotational design.

(Specification see brochure download)


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